Madhu's world: 2010/11 - 2010/12 l


Happy Deepavali !

May Lord Ram, the Universal Being who mastered himself, bless you with wisdom, peace, tranquility, equanimity, health, wellness and inner strength to ward off the evils which have intruded within our illusory minds.

May strength prevail where weakness is strong.

May we all move from strength of weakness through the weakness of strength to the strength of strengths.

May we not fall from the razor's edge into heartless abodes of darkness and despair, a mockery of life.

May joy prevail over pleasure.

May comprehension grow in depth and scope.

May we all navigate in oceans of joy, dipping deep in the calm of the oceans, forever vigilant in the stewardship of our vessels, alertly avoiding obstacles of ignorance and darkness.

May heavenly music flow without hindrance through the ripened flutes of our being.

May we all live free from the bondage of desires, creators of the mind beyond narrow frontiers, destroyers of the collective oneness.

Madhu & Ajit kumar Gujadhur